Footage Of George Clooney’s Insane Motorcycle Accident Have Emerged And It’s Terrifying


How did he even survive this?

Our thoughts and prayers were with George Clooney yesterday when we heard that he had been involved in a motorcycle crash in Italy where he was shooting a new version of Catch 22, but luckily it turns out that he emerged from the accident relatively unscathed.

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However, when you see the footage that has emerged of the crash below you won’t understand how that’s possible considering how horrifically painful this looks. Get a load of this and tell me that you don’t expect the guy getting hit to be dead or at least in a coma with two broken legs after this slam. Seriously:

How the heck? Is George Clooney legitimately a superhero or something because it looked like he was riding really fast and flew about twenty feet into the air when the car hit him and then slammed back down on the pavement? How do you walk away from that with just a few minor bruises to one of his arms and one of his legs and a bruised pelvis? Phenomenally lucky, but I guess with a face like that you’re just born lucky eh?

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