Footage Shows Cologne Fans Run Riot In North London Before Giving Nazi Salutes And Trashing Stadium



Kick-off between Arsenal and FC Cologne was delayed last night after German fans tried to storm the stadium and clashes between both sides descended into riots.

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Around 20,000 FC Cologne fans gathered outside the north London Emirates Stadium, and according to Arsenal supporter, and ITV’s political editor, Robert Peston they were giving Nazi salutes, fighting and pissing in doorways:

These Cologne fans are a disgrace. Nazi salutes. Peeing in doorsteps. My European solidarity being tested.

The Europa League game was supposed to start at 7.05pm but it was delayed due to crowd safety. Riot police were eventually called in to put a stop to the dramatic clashes and five people have been arrested.

The game eventually went ahead, although the stadium had to deploy heavy security and riot police stationed around the stadium, which Arsenal won 3-1. I’ll bet the Cologne fans weren’t too happy about that.

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