Ordering This Food On A First Date Will Almost Guarantee Your Chance Of A Second Date


Listen up.

It’s always pretty difficult deciding what restaurant to go to on a first date – there are just so many variables, especially when you don’t even know the person you’re supposed to be going out with at all because you’ve just swiped them the right way on Tinder.

If you want a hot tip on how to make it through the date and almost be guaranteed to get a second one, then the best advice comes courtesy of, who surveyed the dating habits of 5000 single people to determine what the best choice of cuisine was for a first date.

The overwhelming answer: sushi.

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Apparently it amazingly increases your chances of a second date by about 107%. That’s a statistic you can’t really ignore. How they got that statistic: fuck knows. If you’re heading out on a date tonight or tomorrow (it is the middle of the week after all – Tinder Tuesdays) then maybe find the address of your local sushi joint ASAP.

Unfortunately for me, I’m not a fan of sushi so it seems like I’m going to be lonely forever. Awah. Having said that though, some of the crazy sushi combos we’ve been featuring recently do look pretty awesome.  I suppose if there’s a time to start getting into sushi, it’s probably now.


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