FonaCAB Dashcam Footage Shows Driver Holding Passenger At Gunpoint (VIDEO)



A fonaCAB driver who must have forgot he was in his work taxi that has a dashcam that records audio is being investigated after appearing to hold a passenger at gunpoint and threatening to shoot his legs off.

Footage of the incident is going viral, with the Belfast Telegraph reporting that fonaCAB are ‘liaising with police’ over the incident:

Scary stuff. If you didn’t quite catch all that, he said:

“You are f****** lucky I’m not f*****g taking your knees out down this f*****g car park son. I’m f*****g telling you now, because that’s the f*****g mood I’m in. Believe me.

Now I’m telling you, see what happens in this car, see if I hear anybody f*****g talking about it mate, I will take your f****** head off.

You f*****g hear me? Right, this is the f****** last of it son. You f*****g do what you do, you make up what you need to f*****g make up – quickly.

You work your f*****g debt off. I’m telling you, see the next time I come back, I’m taking your f*****g legs off. Only because that’s my f*****g mate, and only he is my mate, I would be taking your legs off.

That’s it, it finishes here. I promise you, that’s it over and done with, I’ll not come back near you. You f*****g make improvements.”

So it sounds like the whole thing was over an unpaid debt that the passengers owes. At first I thought it could be a staged video, especially as the gun sounds plastic when he strikes him with it, but also because you wouldn’t think anyone would be dumb enough to threaten someone like this on camera, at work.

But the fact the police are involved suggests its 100% real, and there’s also this screenshot doing the rounds which identifies the gangster taxi driver as Brian Stafford, working on behalf of the UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force):

FonaCAB said they were aware of an incident involving one of their drivers.

‘We are aware of dashcam footage of an incident involving a fonaCAB driver,” said a spokesperson.

fonaCAB has been liaising with the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) Northern Ireland and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) regarding this.

Due to the nature of the content of the footage, it would be inappropriate to make any further comment while investigations are undertaken.’

I guess that’ll mean a p45 at the very least, but who knows? Thankfully nobody was hurt in the video but I’m pretty sure the passenger in the front seat has got some trauma to work through. Poor guy looked absolutely terrified.

For the crazy Florida woman who put her taxi driver in the Crippler Crossface and nearly choked him out, click HERE. Chris Benoit would be proud.



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