Crazy Florida Woman Puts Uber Driver In The Crippler Crossface, Nearly Chokes Him Out (VIDEO)

Chris Benoit would be proud.

The Crippler Crossface may have been banned from WWE since its innovator Chris Benoit murdered his entire family using the submission move, but in the real world lunatics like the old lady in this video will still trap you in the hold if you’re not careful.

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Michele Stilwell, 55, a licensed NURSE in Florida, had fallen asleep in the back of 22-year-old Michael Hassey Jr’s car, before waking up and suddenly attacking, biting and choking him:

She was still looking completely out of her mind down at the station after being arrested and charged with aggravated battery:

Stilwell’s neighbors told Florida TV news station WFLA8 that the attack was out of character for their neighbour, so who knows what got into her? Was she temporarily possessed by a demon in her sleep? The ghost of Chris Benoit maybe? She didn’t have much to say when the reporters turned up at her door so maybe she can’t wrap her brain around it either.

Either way, big up Michael for not turning around and beating the shit out of this lady. I don’t think he was ever in any serious danger given he whipped out his phone and started filming while literally being choked to death, but still, he’d have been within his rights to fight back. Good thing she didn’t have a knife on her – could have been a very different story indeed.

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