Follow The TV Reference

Some dude made a loop of TV shows referencing each other which switches to the next TV reference that was just referenced in the last reference. Geddit?

This is pretty cool in a really hip meta kinda way. Everyone loves it on TV shows when they reference other TV Shows right? I mean it just makes the product way more realistic, so you can empathise with it even more. Like on The Wire when they’re watching Oz on TV, it’s like they’re really part of the world you know?

So some dude made a loop of TV shows referencing each other, the trick is though that every time they reference a TV show, it jumps to THAT TV show and another reference to a different TV Show. Crazy huh? There are about 25 and it even ends up right back where it started in a nice little loop. There are some real corkers int here too: The Simpsons, South Park, Entourage, The American Office, um Law + Order? Er yeah.

Check it out below:

[yframe url=’’]


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