Flying Birdman Is A Fake

Flying Dutchman confesses successful test flight was a hoax.

Most of us have at some point thought about what it would be like to fly and I am pretty sure I have come close to doing so myself a few times whilst under the influence . Also, when questioned about which super power we would opt for , the power of flight is usually up there in most of our answers.

I came across a video of this Dutch guy a few days ago, flying with this winged contraption that he created himself. The video went viral and captures him soaring through the air. But the seemingly successful test flight was of course followed with a confession that the whole thing was a fake. The dutch ‘bird-man’ Jarno Smeets who is actually a film maker and animator confessed it was an experiment about online media.

Check out the hoax in action :

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwcs4oDEBDQ’]


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