Watch Conor McGregor Tell Floyd Mayweather To ‘Say It To His Face’ After Mayweather Drops Video Diss


The titans go head to head.

Conor McGregor made history on Saturday night by becoming the first ever person to hold two different titles in the UFC, but one man that wasn’t impressed at all with his achievements was Floyd Mayweather.

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TMZ managed to catch up with Floyd when he was walking around somewhere with his entourage looking cool and asked him what he thought of the fight, to which he smoothly replied that he didn’t even watch it or even know that McGregor was fighting. Right – I suppose he was on vacation in the middle of nowhere for the past two months or something.

Floyd then proceeded to go absolutely insane when the reporter dared to state that McGregor was the ‘Mayweather of MMA’, listing out all the reasons why he wasn’t and basically saying he was an ant compared to his elephant. Oof:

Yeah, I mean I suppose he has a point there about not being undefeated, but all the other things are pretty irrelevant when you consider that the reporter was saying that he was the Mayweather of MMA because he’s the biggest star in MMA right now. It’s an obvious comparison and not at all supposed to be disrespectful I don’t think. Floyd just kinda sounds like a jealous pussy that he isn’t getting any attention these days now because it’s all on Conor. Cheer up dude.

Of course, TMZ also caught up with Conor McGregor to see what he thought about Floyd’s words whilst he was out celebrating his big win in New York City, but it didn’t really seem like he gave a fuck:

Classic Conor. Remember when there was talk of a big fight between these two and that it was almost definitely going to happen? Would love to see that but I’m not gonna hold my breath, are you?


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