Floyd Mayweather Threatens To Knock Husband Out In Front Of His Wife (VIDEO)

I guess he caught him on a bad day.

Why would the notoriously flashy Floyd Mayweather have a problem with someone taking a picture of his sick new car? I don’t know, but apparently he was ready to knock a man out over it at the Fountain Blue Hotel in Miami this week.

The would-be victim shared footage of the incident along with a commentary of what went down:

Lol – great story but I think he’s trying to act less terrified than he really was considering he’s talking all that shit while driving away from the scene. I mean there’s no way he would have called Floyd Mayweather ‘Gary Coleman’ to his face, is there? Although like he says it would be kinda cool receiving a million dollar punch from Floyd Mayweather just for the story (and payout) that would come with it. Maybe next time.

To meet Floyd Mayweather’s new British stripper girlfriend, click HERE. Her family don’t approve – shocker.


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