Floyd Mayweather’s Dad Crashed Conor McGregor’s Press Conference And Threatened To Batter Him (VIDEO)

Mayweahter Sr McGregor

The beef begins.

Now that the Conor McGregor Floyd Mayweather fight has finally been confirmed, the hype train is fully on the tracks and already after the first press conference we’ve seen that these two know how to sell a fight.

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In the first of what is undoubtedly going to be many stupid incidents in the build up to the PPV fight on August 26th, the two faced off in a press conference yesterday at the Staples Centre in LA, coming face to face for the first time. Predictably, they both had to be dragged away whilst they were shouting obscenities at each other and Conor’s mic got cut when he kept rinsing Floyd during his speech. It was pretty entertaining stuff.

Following on from that, Conor had a lighter press conference on his own with the media which Floyd Mayweather’s father decided to show up at and repeatedly interrupt, proclaiming that he was going to beat the s*** out of the UFC star, amongst other insults. Conor – as you might – handled it fairly well with some great comebacks, which made for a pretty entertaining 20 minutes:

Jokes. I especially liked it when he asked him how much money he had to fight him – that’s a great comeback.

Honestly though, the runup to this fight is going to have so many bizarre and stupid incidents like this I’m surprised we’re even getting excited about it. Whoever does PR for these two has so much more to come from it that we probably won’t even remember this by the time they’re lacing up their gloves in a six weeks time.

For more Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather, check out the first trailer which is going to get you completely hyped. Can McGregor do it?


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