Floyd Mayweather Responds To Conor McGregor’s Comments That He Can’t Read By Posting A Video Of Him Reading

Floyd Mayweather Jr.


The Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather hype continues to build in weird and wonderful ways ahead of their encounter on August 26th, and the latest instalment just might be the stupidest yet.

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During their press conference in Toronto on Wednesday night, Conor McGregor made fun of the rumour that Floyd Mayweather can’t actually read. These accusations have come up before – most notably from his friend/former friend 50 Cent back in 2014 – but they clearly rankled Floyd as he took the unusual step of releasing the following video onto the internet which supposedly clearly shows him reading.

Take a look for yourself:

Well I mean he is doing those spots fairly quickly and seems fairly chuffed with himself when he does the celebration chant, but it’s pretty obvious that he could also have memorised these spots in order to say them so convincingly for all we know. Or he could just be making them up because we never actually see the cue cards.

Still not fully satisfied with this explanation Floyd, sorry. For more evidence of his illiteracy, click here. Pretty sure the guy can’t read after that.


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