Floyd Mayweather Releases This Video With Only 3 Weeks Left Until His McGregor Fight

Floyd Mayweather Mansion

How the other half live.

The Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor superfight is only around three weeks away, and whilst Conor is having all kinds of trouble with his sparring partners, Floyd seems remarkably calm and confident in the run up. Hell, you can’t really blame him considering he’s never been defeated and Conor is making his debut, but we’re all still gonna tune in and watch it regardless.

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Floyd is so relaxed in the run up, he can even take time out to shoot a YouTube video giving fans a tour of one of his oldest mansions (sounds like he just bought another one from the start of the video). This also includes him FaceTiming 50 Cent who is apparently best buddies with him again, despite calling him out for not being able to read a few years ago. Take a look at how the other half live (or maybe just the top 1%) below:

Yeah, pretty sweet being able to just buy a mansion bigger than that one in the video, right? And all the completely sick cars for his kids. I suppose Mayweather does deserve it for boxing his ass off all his life, but it’s still pretty annoying when he’s such an asshole, flaunting his wealth all the time. Not exactly turning himself into a fan favourite ahead of the big clash with Conor is he?

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