Floyd Mayweather’s 24 Most Vicious Knockouts Prove That Manny Pacquiao Is Going To Get Murdered On May 2nd

He’s just too much to handle.

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As much as we’d love to watch someone gift wrap Floyd Mayweather his first professional boxing KO and defeat, we don’t see it happening on this evidence. Here’s what Manny Pacquiao has to look forward to in Las Vegas on May 2nd:

Is there really any doubt that Mayweather is going murder him in the middle of the ring? Even 5 years ago the smart money would have been on Mayweather, but since Pacquiao has been knocked out a couple times since then, it’s now pretty much a guarantee.

Who knows? Maybe Pacquiao will make us eat our words.

Could he take on Mike Tyson in Street Fighter Mode though? Unlikely.


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