Floyd Mayweather Vs Logan Paul Mega Fight Will Reportedly Take Place This Year

RIP Logan Paul.

According to numerous reports, boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is set to take on YouTuber Logan Paul in an exhibition fight later this year.

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When I first saw the headline I was sure it was BS, but after first being reported by Keemstar who said he spoke to a “boxing insider”, it was then confirmed by Mike Feinberg from ‘Fighting News‘, and earlier, by sports analyst Pat McAfee:

I don’t understand the fight. Logan Paul has tried his hand at professional boxing — couldn’t beat the other nobody [that] nobody’s ever heard of before. [Paul’s] now zero and one.

He’s going to be fighting one of the best in Floyd Mayweather. It’s going to be a joke of a fight, but it’s signed. It’s official.

I heard it from a reputable source today and even saw the signed picture of the signed contract where Floyd signed on the dotted line for this exhibition match.

So Logan Paul lost to KSI on points and now has the balls to step into the ring with Floyd Mayweather? I guess he has a considerable age and size advantage over Floyd but come on, there’s just no chance this ends any other way than Logan Paul being utterly destroyed, right?

Either way, he’s totally up for it:

The KSI/Logan Paul fight did monster numbers, as did Floyd’s fight against Conor McGregor, and so despite the mismatch there’s no doubt this will be huge box office-wise. Most people will be tuning in purely to see Logan Paul get his arse whooped, although I bet Floyd will take it easy on him to begin with.

Say what you will about Logan Paul – the kid has balls of steel and on top of that, he knows how to get paid. Oh god, imagine if Paul gets lucky and becomes the first person to KO Floyd Mayweather in the middle of a boxing ring? We’d will never hear the end of it. Hey, it’s 2020 – stranger things have happened.

To watch Logan Paul slap someone so hard that it knocks them out, click HERE.


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