Floyd Mayweather Says His Kids Won’t Become Boxers Because “They Like To Smoke Weed”

But can they read one page out of a Harry Potter book?

A lot of people don’t like Floyd Mayweather very much, but one thing you have to rate about him is how honestly he answers this question when asked whether he believes his children will grow up to be boxers.

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Judging by their current habits, it’s not very likely:

How much more endearing an answer is that than if he lied or said “we’ll see” or something. The only better answer he could have given was if he said “Nah, they’re too busy spending my money”.

By the way, I’ve got no clue which of his children he’s referring to…

I’m gonna assume all his kids are pretty heavy stoners at this point. Fair play to them all for realising their daddy is ridiculously rich and so they can just take it easy in life and kick back and smoke all day. And especially for realising that there’s no point getting your head bashed in for a living when you already have enough money to literally never work a day in your life.

Yeah OK they could still do something productive and contribute positively to society seeing as they have all the funds and celebrity to make that happen, but for now they’re just chilling out and getting baked. Oh well, as Floyd knows, there are worse habits to have. Like beating up women for example.

To watch Floyd Mayweather threaten to knock a man out in front of his wife in Las Vegas recently, click HERE. What the hell is he so vexed about?


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