Floyd Mayweather Has Completely Rinsed Conor McGregor’s Broken Leg

This is a bit unnecessary but still quite funny.

There was a lot going on in the world of sport this weekend with Conor McGregor going up against Dustin Poirier in a trilogy fight and ending up breaking his leg after getting dominated for most of the first round and then looking like a bit of a bellend after he shouted abuse at Poirier from the floor of the Octagon.

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Conor seems convinced that he beat the shit out of Poirier even though nobody is really saying that and looks set to continue to post abuse about him online until he gets another fight against him, but I think most people who know anything about MMA would argue that Conor doesn’t even really deserve another shot at him and it looks like his career might be over. One person who didn’t beat around the bush about posting up his opinion of McGregor was his old rival Floyd Mayweather, who immediately thanked Dustin for making him a bunch of money after he bet $50,000 on him winning and then decided to post a meme of Conor with a broken leg as well:


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Lol. I don’t even know why Floyd is doing this because it’s not like the two are going to right again, so it’s literally just to troll him and piss him off for losing. Conor doesn’t seem like he’s getting used to that at all even though he keeps losing all the time and this is probably why he’s acting so unhinged these days. Guy should probably just retire.

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