Floyd Mayweather Just Dropped The Most Incredible Tweet Ever Showing Off His Belt Collection

Is this literally the cockiest Tweet ever?

And by belt collection, we mean championship boxing belts, not the ones hanging in his pimping walk-in wardrobe:

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Insane. It’s the easiest thing in the world to hate on Floyd Mayweather — the guy has a history of abusing women, is cocky as hell and has disappointed boxing fans over and over again with his dry performances in the ring (despite the fact his boring technique has won him every fight he ever competed in).

But you can’t deny that the guy is the undisputed king of modern boxing, because, well… look at all that gold. Look at how he’s casually glancing to the side while 23 championship — 19 years’ worth — rest in front of him. So cocky, so arrogant, but you can’t take it away from him. Not to mention those two Sports Emmy awards in the background (didn’t even know that was a thing).

So yeah, what an arsehole. But at the same time – what a champion.

P.S. Come on Ronda, shut him up for good.


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