Florida Woman Had Sex Outside Hospital While Wearing Surgical Mask

She didn’t seem concerned about “exposure”.

A Florida woman who was busted having sex outside a hospital was wearing a surgical mask to protect from coronavirus, even if she wasn’t quite social distancing at the time.

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Ann Marie Tucker, 45, was arrested earlier this month and charged with trespassing and exposure of sexual organs – as was her boyfriend, Albert Singletary, 37, The Smoking Gun reports.

Ann Marie even had the mask on for her mugshot:

Ann Marie & Albert’s genitals were apparently fully on show to the public during their shag, which took place outside St. Anthony’s Hospital in St. Petersburg.

Shameful behaviour but also commendable if you think about it? Everywhere we look these days there’s panic over coronavirus. No one trusts the government or knows for sure what to do or how long this is going to last. But then you look at someone like Ann Marie Tucker and see a person who will have sex with someone outside a hospital in Florida and still manage to protect herself from coronavirus. After all that’s the only kind of safe sex that’s necessary these days – having sex while wearing protective masks.

Sometimes passion takes over and you just need to shag in the middle of a public street whether there’s a pandemic or not. Credit to Ann Marie for reminding us to stay safe in those situations, and shame on boyfriend Albert for not following suit (presumably).

P.S. Maybe they had just watched some of that coronavirus porn that’s driving everybody crazy.


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