The Florida Shooting Suspect’s Instagram Account Is Filled With Guns And Dead Animals

I said earlier today that we were probably going to be learning more about Florida shooter Nikolas Cruz in the coming days, and the first indication of this is via his Instagram account which has been dissected since the shooting.

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Needless to say it’s pretty grim and features lots of images of Nikolas with guns, shooting stuff, buying ammo and killing small animals. Pretty much a textbook school shooter profile there.

Anyway, here are some pictures of his Instagram account that people managed to screengrab before the authorities deleted it after he was named as a suspect:

Messed up. I suppose it’s easy to say after the fact, but you would have thought that maybe someone would have clocked that this guy was going to do something bad with all of those pictures of guns all over his accounts? I guess it’s a lot easier said that done to actually bother calling the police etc on someone just for having a weird profile though isn’t it?

Cruz has now been formally charged in the incident with 17 counts of murder as of this morning.  Once again, RIP to the victims and our thoughts go out to those affected.

For more on this incident, check out the Snapchat footage from inside the school during the shooting. Awful.


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