Florida Man’s Attempted Robbery Fails When Store Clerk Is Confused By His Note

Imagine going to prison for a robbery you weren’t even able to start.

When you’re trying to rob a convenience store via passing a threatening note to an employee, it’s probably a good idea make sure your note makes enough sense to convey what’s going on. Well that apparently wasn’t the case when 46-year-old Khalil Abu Habib Rafsanjoni attempted to rob a Circle K over in St Augustine, Florida this week.

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Via First Coast News:

Surveillance video showed him first grabbing a napkin from the hotdog kiosk, then ask the clerk for a pen to borrow. He is seen leaving the business, then reentering and sliding the clerk the napkin, the police report states.

The clerk reportedly read the note and was confused. When another clerk came by, Rafsanjoni grabbed the napkin and placed it in his left pocket before exiting the store, the report states.

Lol. Imagine being arrested and going to prison for a robbery you weren’t even able to start? This could actually end up working in Khalil’s favour because the lawyer can just argue that since the note was so incomprehensible that the store clerk didn’t know what was going on, how can we be sure Khalil was trying to rob the store in the first place?

Khalil may have already cocked up that argument though after telling police that there was a robbery. Bizarrely though, he argues that he was the one being robbed. WTF?

Authorities located Rafsanjoni and detained him. While doing so, he told deputies that he “was the one being robbed,” according to the report.

That’s some galaxy brain level shit right there. I’m actually curious to see what happens with this case because it’s so ridiculous that you really have no idea whether they have enough on this guy to charge him or not. If I were Khalil I’d just tell the court that the store clerk was right and the note made no sense and so since no one can make out what the note says – there’s no way of concluding that it was an attempted robbery. Probably best to not put it in writing next time, though. Lesson learned.

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