A Florida Man Has Invented A Robot That Puts Your Contact Lenses In For You

Would you trust a robot to put your contact lens in?

I don’t have to wear contact lenses or glasses thankfully but I gotta tell you that I reckon if I did I would absolutely hate putting contact lenses in because it’s just so icky putting something on your eyeball isn’t it?

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However, having said that I think I would probably force myself to do it if it was a choice between that or getting a robot to do it as there’s no way I’m going to trust a robot to put something in my eye. Robots malfunction all the time and you can just visualise it leaving a contact lens shaped hole all the way through your head can’t you? It’s definitely the kind of thing that would happen in ‘The Outer Limits’ or ‘The Twilight Zone’ or whatever.

Despite my reservations, a guy named Craig Hershoff from Miami has spent the last few years of his life designing a robot that can put your contact lenses in for you. Here’s a news report about it where you can watch it in action:

Man, that video just made me think of something that hadn’t even crossed my mind earlier – what if when the robot is taking the contact lens out of your eye it screws up sometime and ends up pulling your eye out of its socket? Jesus.

Craig Hershoff seems like a nice man and everything, but I think he’s wildly underestimate how much people are going to trust a robot to do this kind of shit. I mean old people are generally fearful of technology at the best of times, but with something that could leave them permanently damaged and without their sight it’s a whole different ball game. Can’t see anyone using this ever, no matter what the circumstances.

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