Florida Man Discovers 10 Pound ‘Giant Blunt’ Washed Up On The Beach

The creature from beneath.

Every other day a bizarre story emerges from Florida and today is no different. The most recent occurrence involves a blunt, a beach and a whole lot of weed.

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Over the weekend, a group of locals discovered a 10-pound “giant blunt” that was full of weed, washed up on the shore of Volusia County beach.


After the police were called down, Customs and Border Protection agents went about trying to discover where the taped-up package, that had been wrapped up to resemble a giant blunt, had come from.

What they discovered in addition to the massive haul of ganja was some blood on the package. But before you go thinking that the drug smuggler suffered an unfortunate end, it turns out that this is actually a trick used to confuse drug-sniffer dogs. Unfortunately for these smugglers, they didn’t even make it that far.

Police blunt

There’s no other information thus far as to the fate of this giant blunt. Most likely is that if no one is held responsible for the bundle, then Border Protection will destroy the weed.

What a waste. Unless they burn it near a supermarket – that’s a surefire way to get people baked in no time at all.


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