Flood Destroys The Life Of A Man Who Claimed God Sent Floods To Destroy Gay People

Tony Perkins

How ironic.

While there’s absolutely nothing good to come out of the situation in Louisiana at the moment – where terrible floods have led to the deaths of several people and left thousands homeless – there is this story that’s likely to bring a wry smile to your lips if you’re not a homophobe.

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It involves the story of a guy named Tony Perkins who is the leader of a hate group called the Family Research Council who once claimed that floods were sent by God because he was angry with the legislation of gay marriage and abortion in America and he wanted to destroy gay people because of this. Yep, you guessed it – he was forced to escape from his home in a canoe after it was washed away during the floods.

I guess that means he’s gay by his own logic? Lol. Perkins will now have to spend six months living in a camper van while his home is restored. Unlucky mate.

home flood

Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

This is a flood of near-biblical proportions.

We had to escape from our home Saturday by canoe. We had about 10 feet of water at the end of our driveway. Our house flooded, a few of our cars flooded.

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Boo hoo. How long until we hear the all too familiar story of Perkins turning out to actually be a homosexual himself? I give it five years.

If you don’t believe me, check out this guy who was the leader of an anti gay group who ended up getting married to a man. It’s pretty much standard amongst those communities.


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