This 30 Year Old Abandoned Floating McDonald’s Restaurant Is Completely Sinister



30 years ago, McDonald’s decided to invest $8million into the first ever floating McDonald’s restaurant off the coast of Vancouver. Initially it was a huge success as crowds of families flocked for a riverboat trip whilst they were eating their chicken nuggets and Big Macs.

However, the novelty soon ran out, and the McBarge (or Friendship 500) was abandoned and left to drift off the coast of Canada, where it still resides today. Here are some pictures from it – charting its opening to its current state of disrepair – and there’s a video at the end of the post of some guys breaking onto it to eat a McDonald’s burger too.

Check it out:

McBarge 1


McBarge 3

McBarge 4

McBarge 5

McBarge 6

McBarge 7

McBarge 8

McBarge 9

McBarge 10

McBarge 11

McBarge 12

McBarge 13

McBarge 14

McBarge 15

McBarge 16
McBarge 17

McBarge 18

McBarge 19

McBarge 20

McBarge 21

McBarge 22

McBarge 23

McBarge 24

McBarge 25

McBarge 26

McBarge 27

McBarge 28

McBarge 29

McBarge 30

McBarge 31

McBarge 32

McBarge 33

McBarge 34

McBarge 35

McBarge 36

McBarge 37

McBarge 38

McBarge 39

McBarge 40

McBarge 41

McBarge 42

McBarge 43

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Eww. To be honest, they probably could have just used one of the burgers that was probably left on the boat, as we all know that McDonald’s burgers literally don’t decompose after about five years. Gross.



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