Check Out This Terrifying Flesh Eating Zombie Prank

Flesh Eating Zombie Prank

Although our fear of zombies is fairly irrational, that wouldn’t stop you absolutely bricking it if this happened to you.

Although this prank video could be seen as a direct rip off of the killer clown prank video, only with zombies instead of clowns, it still has enough merit on its own thanks to the awesome make up and prosthetics on the zombies and the fact that it’s every bit as terrifying in its own right.

You know the drill – someone is walking along when suddenly they see a flesh eating zombie on the floor eating a dead body, who then process to chase after them. Although everyone *should* know that zombies don’t exist and they’re a figment of very vivid imaginations, the fact is that if you’re ever confronted by this scene and effect this good, then you would shit yourself too and head to the nearest house fit to withstand a zombie apocalypse.

That’s if you made it there though.


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