Incredibly Beautiful Fortress House Designed To Withstand Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse House

At first glance this house looks like some top secret government fort, but wait until you see what happens when they open the doors.

This house/fortress looks like it’s some kind of secret military compound/research facility when you first look at it as it’s so big, black and imposing. As such, it’s pretty much the perfect place to hide out if (when) a zombie apocalypse ever actually happens on this planet, as it looks as though it would be pretty much impenetrable for zombies or thieves and looters and rival gangs or whoever is wandering around the post apocalyptic landscape.

From how it looks on the outside, you would probably expect the inside to just be a huge hangar with some standard issue bunk beds or something, but when all the shutters come down, you’ll actually see one of the most modern and beautiful open plan houses you’ve ever seen.

Crazy huh? This is the first place I’m heading if the bath salts problem gets bigger.

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Zombie House 1

Zombie House 2

Zombie House 3

Zombie House 4

Zombie House 5

Zombie House 6

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