Flesh-Eating Cannibal Spiders Are Heading For The UK

Daddy longlegs spiders

Great news.

As if spider season wasn’t scary enough, apparently a plague of deadly daddy-longlegs spiders are heading for the UK, ready to bombard our homes and ruin our lives.

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Due to the increasingly warm weather, these eight-legged bastards are looking forward to setting up camp in any nook and cranny they can find – even under our beds, experts warn. Better not leave any windows open over the next couple of months.

It’s only been a month since we found out that huge house spiders were emerging after the summer conditions created a bumper harvest of the terrifying egenaria Saeva and Tegenaria gigantean species.

And now we’re loaded with the news that the same warm weather means we’re going to see an epidemic of the deadly daddy-longlegs spiders. These pea-bodied freaks have gangly legs that can stretch three inches across and they’re so ruthless that they even eat other spiders.

Cannibal spiders

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The British Arachnological Society said:

The web of the daddy-longlegs spiders is an untidy tangle of non-sticky silk in which the spider usually hangs upside down.

These webs are frequently found on ceilings in the corners of rooms or in little used cupboards and can be very large. One was reported as covering a square metre of ceiling.

These spiders are opportunist predators and take whatever prey comes their way, including other spiders.

A study of daddy-longlegs spiders in a Hampshire garden shed between May and September found that, of the remains of 102 prey items removed from the webs, 63 were of the common house spider, six were other daddy-longlegs spiders, and the rest were unidentifiable spider remains.

Other prey includes woodlice and wide variety of flying insects.

Daddy-longlegs spiders have even been recorded eating the much sturdier and considerable heavier large house spiders – Tegenaria Saeva and Tegenaria gigantea – and may be responsible for the decline of these species in some places.

OK, so while it is totally shit that these scary looking mother fuckers are on the way to the UK, it’s kind of good that they kill and eat all the other scary species of spider. I guess it’s the argument of a lesser of two evils.

All in all, I would say that no spiders is the best amount of spiders to have in a home. And it’s definitely not good to have any that are this size knocking about.


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