Flea Played The US National Anthem On His Bass Guitar And It Was The Worst Thing Ever

Flea Bass Guitar

What was the party planner smoking?

When you’re pretty much a legend of your chosen sport and it’s time to retire, then you’re going to want a big send off and by all means you probably deserve it. That’s why this video is so puzzling.

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The video is from Kobe Bryant’s last ever basketball match which took place at The Staples Centre last night in Los Angeles. For some reason, whoever organised it thought it would be a good idea to get Flea in to play The National Anthem on his bass guitar. It was absolutely terrible.

I’m sure if you’ve ever listened to the Red Hot Chili Peppers then you will know that Flea is all about noodling around on his bass guitar and that’s exactly what he does as he murders The National Anthem by doing loads of crap sounding improvised soloing between notes and using some pedal to make loads of weird noises and effects on it. Truly awful.

Ugh. I hope I never have to listen to that ever again. I think if he started playing it at a Red Hot Chili Peppers gig (God forbid I would somehow end up at one of those) then I think I would definitely walk out. Or at least to the bar.

Not to be put off, Kobe proved what a true legend he is by hitting the game winning three pointers in the last quarter on his final appearance. Thanks for everything – and maybe next time hire a better party planner.

Hey, I’ll give the devil his due though – at least Flea admitted he was miming at The Superbowl a couple of years back.


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