Flat Earthers Have Been Shot Down By A Selfie From The Top Of Mount Everest

Mt Everest

Surely they can’t argue this one.

The Flat Earth movement seems to be gathering momentum all the time these days – surpassed only by the vegan movement – as more and more people seem to want to question established science that can be backed up via any number of textbooks and arguments.

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One of the main arguments that Flat Earthers use when trying to convince the world that the planet is flat, is that there’s no curve to the horizon and that as far as we can see, it looks completely flat. The obvious counterargument is that we can’t actually see far enough with our eyes to detect the curve because the planet is so huge, but most Flat Earthers seem to warmly disregard that logic.

Anyway, I’m not sure if they can argue with this next picture. It’s taken by a guy who just climbed Mount Everest and because you’re at the highest vantage point on the planet, you can clearly see that the Earth has a curve in the background of it. Read it and weep Flat Earthers:

Mount Everest Flat Earthers

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Of course, this probably isn’t going to do anything to dissuade these people as they’ll just come up with some kind of dumb counterargument involving Photoshop and conspiracy theories, but hey at least we tried. And more to the point, we can laugh at them and their stupid theories for years to come. Fantastic.

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