The First Ever Flat Earth Conference Was About As Weird As You Would Imagine

Flat Earthers

What happens when you get a bunch of Flat Earthers together in a room?

The Flat Earth Movement has been gathering some steam recently with a number of celebrity endorsements, although most of us still recognise that it’s completely and utterly preposterous that the Earth could be flat as nobody has ever fallen off the edge of it.

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Despite this though, the movement continues to grow and this has been demonstrated by the existence of the first ever Flat Earth International Conference. The event in Raleigh, North Carolina took place last weekend and lasted three days, with panel talks like ‘NASA and other space lies’, ‘Flat Earth with the Scientific Method’ and ‘Waking Up to Mainstream Science Lies’.

I guess the point is to raise awareness and share Flat Earth ideas, but in reality it’s probably just a bunch of weirdos going to one place and being completely weird. The tag line for the event read as follows:

Join us this November to learn why we dissent from the spinning heliocentric theory of cosmology.

At the 2018 Flat Earth International Conference, we will uncover and debunk pseudo-scientific “facts” while presenting the true evidence which shockingly points to our existence on a flat, stationary plane.

Sounds like a blast right, so obviously the BBC sent over a team to cover the event. Wish I had had that idea. They managed to secure an interview with Flat Earth royalty Mark Sargent, who has an incredible 40,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. Get a load of this:

Fantastic. Definitely completely and utterly convinced – probably going to attend next year too. Can’t believe there wasn’t more publicity about it in the first place to be honest, would have been there in a second.

For more Flat Earth stuff, check out this idea for a reality show featuring Flat Earthers. Sound absolutely magic.


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