Flat Earthers Are Now Claiming That The World Is Shaped Like A Doughnut

Flat Earth Donut

Make your mind up.

The Flat Earth movement has seen considerable growth over the past couple of years as more and more celebrities out there act like they actually believe it, to the point where many of us ‘normal’ people are questioning whether what we’ve known all our lives is fact or fiction.

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However, it seems like even Flat Earthers can’t keep their story straight as many of them are now coming around to the theory that the Earth might not actually be flat and it could be shaped like a doughnut. The theory first emerged back in 2012 when a Flat Earther named Varaug posted it on a forum, but it really started to gain traction when it was rediscovered in 2016 by someone doing a deep dive on the forums. These Flat Earthers sure know how to pass the time, don’t they?

Anyway, if you want to hear the full story behind this then you can watch the seven minute video below, but if you want to know why we can’t see the hole then according to Varaug that’s because light bends and follows the curvature of the torus (donut-shaped), making the hole ‘unseeable. Cool how that works in this theory but not when trying to explain why the curve of the Earth is non existent hey?

Yeah, I’m obviously not really believing this and a whole bunch of academic professors have called bullshit on it as well, only scientifically disproving it with a lot more credibility than I ever have. Dr. Anders Sandberg apparently completely debunked it via the existence of gravity, seasons, clouds, and weather – all of which wouldn’t feature on the planet if it was shaped like a doughnut – whereas strologist Dr. Tabetha Boyajian said that the doughnut model doesn’t pass Foucault’s Pendulum test which shows the physical effects of the Earth’s rotation, the rate of which is consistent with a spherical, rotating planet.

There you have it – you can’t argue with actual scientists – although I’m sure Varaug and the rest of his stupid Flat Earth mates will probably keep banging on about it until the end of time. What if they’re actually right about it though?

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