Flat Earther Reveals The Reason Why Nobody Has Ever Fallen Off The Edge

Flat Earth

Makes perfect sense.

The Flat Earther movement continues to gather momentum as more and more people and celebrities seem to be coming out and saying that they’re convinced of the phenomenon, even though there’s no real evidence and everything that they believe goes against conventional science.

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Flat Earthers believe that it’s all a conspiracy and they’re often asked a bunch of questions that they never seem to be able to answer to try and disprove their theories. One of the most famous of these is that if the world is indeed flat, then why has nobody been able to find the edge of it or fall off it?

The smart money would be on the fact that this hasn’t happened yet because it doesn’t exist, but Falt Earther Connor Murphy had a good answer in his interview with Unilad:


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Fall off into what, do you know what I’m saying? There’s no edge. This is a misconception.

The way we see it is it’s an enclosed system.

There’s water above, there’s the firmament – or the dome – and there’s water above it and water below it and there’s no leaving it, there’s no anti-gravity allowing us to float around and find other Suns and stuff.

There you have it – a coherent and considered reply to the age old question that everyone who doesn’t believe in Flat Earth has asked and never been satisfied with the answer. Now we know it’s because there’s no antigravity to allow us to float and find other suns and stuff. Pretty obvious when you think about it and probably enough to convince me that the Earth is actually flat too. They finally got me.

For more of the same, check out the first ever Flat Earth Conference back in November. About as weird as you would expect.



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