This Flat Earther Actually Has A Pretty Good Counter Argument To This Photo ‘Proving’ The Earth Is Round

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Gotta give the devil his due.

Pretty much everyone out there with a brain thinks that Flat Earthers are the dumbest people out there because most of their arguments for why the Earth is flat are completely nonsensical, but one of them has actually done the unthinkable and provided a fairly scientific and believable reason for debunking a photo that apparently ‘proved’ the curve of the earth.

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Pete Svarrior decided that he wanted to disprove the famous viral photo taken from the summit of Mt Everest that clearly showed the curve of the Earth. Turns out that it didn’t at all and was actually photoshopped by an enemy of the movement. Bastards. Svarrior explains it like so, and also includes the original photograph that clearly doesn’t have a curve:

A quick Google reverse image search gets us to the original photograph. Sure enough, it wasn’t taken in 2018, and sure enough it has nothing to do with the Reddit user. It was actually taken in 2012 by Dean Carriere.

More importantly, Dean was kind enough not to strip EXIF data from the photograph. A copy of the (seemingly) unaltered original file can be found here.

Anyway, let’s finish stating the obvious, now that no speculation is required. The photo was taken with a GoPro Hero3-Silver Edition with a (35mm-film-equivalent) focal length of 16mm. It’s an ultra wide-angle lens, and so the entire image is distorted.

Damn I guess he got us good there. It’s also kinda depressing that Curved Earthers are going so far to doctor evidence to try and convert Flat Earthers over to their cause as it kinda implies that it’s actually necessary to get them seeing what we all know as obvious. Or maybe this is the point and the Earth is actually flat and these photos are plants from some shadowy organisation to make sure that the Flat Earthers don’t gather even more momentum? Something to think about there eh?

For more Flat Earthers, check out this footage from the first ever Flat Earth conference last year. About as dumb as you would imagine.


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