Watch This Flat Earther Get Completely Shot Down By An Astronaut

Flat Earther

Get over it pal.

I still can’t believe that the flat Earth movement is gathering so much pace in 2017, but it seems to be growing faster than some religions, even when its follower are constantly getting rinsed like the guy in this video.

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Appearing on Good Morning Britain yesterday, a guy called Mark Sargent who is one of the leading authorities on the subject called in to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid to discuss his opinions. He argued that there had only ever been two blue marble shots of the Earth over the last 50 years and that this proved that the Earth was round.

Unusually flabbergasted by his guest’s opinions, Morgan instead decided to turn to his special guest, astronaut Terry Virts – who was dressed in gear that definitely made you sure that he was an astronaut – and asked him to shut him down. Virts didn’t even need to speak to him in order to do this, he just opened up his book of over 200 photographs that he took from his 200 day stint on the International Space Station. Told:

Terry Virts

Yeah, I suppose you can’t really argue with that can you? Except of course Sargent did, trying to say that all the footage was doctored and that it wasn’t real.

I mean I suppose this could be possible, but it seems kind of a preposterous thing for people to want to spend so much money on trying to trick other people, doesn’t it? Do Flat Earthers ever thing about that? They’re just idiots if you ask me.

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