Five Year Old Boy Found Chewing Used Condom At School Playground

Used Johnny

That’s not gum, dude.

A five-year-old kid was found chewing on a used condom in his school’s playground recently. It’s bad enough that it was a condom, but used? That’s an unimaginable level of gross.

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Primary school kids were playing outside the St Lucie Elementary School in (you guessed it) Florida last week, when one teacher became concerned after noticing a boy pick up and start chewing on something he found on the ground.

SchoolAfter teachers removed the item from his mouth, they were disgusted to discover it was a used condom. It sends shivers down my spine just thinking about it.

His mum was immediately called and the kid was rushed to Lawnwood Regional Medical Centre to receive tests. Luckily he had not contracted any diseases. Imagine that? Instant herpes at the age of five. Try explaining that to your first girlfriend.

Used condom

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On that note, he’s lucky he was too young to even know what was going on. Imagine he was a bit older and did it as part of a dare or because he was a little bit dense. He would be known as ‘Jizz Mouth’ or ‘Dirty Johnny’ for the rest of his life. Teenagers are a cruel bunch after all.


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