Five People Have Been Arrested For Making This Fake ‘Aleppo’ Footage


Absolutely shocking.

Five people in Port Said, Egypt, have been arrested for making staged videos that were created to show the horror of air strikes in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

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The team, which consisted of a cameraman, his assistants and the parents of two children who were in the video, were taken in after police managed to track them down using the footage. They have since admitted that they were planning on distributing their work on social media to show the atrocities of Aleppo, the tormented city that has just fallen back under government control after four years of fighting.

It’s pretty obvious from the stills that it’s staged. Take a look:

Unfortunately the horrific damage caused by the ongoing conflict in Aleppo is very real, so I’m not sure why these guys thought it would be a good idea to stage it. I guess they needed something striking to get the message out there, but this was not a good way to go about it. Something like this might’ve been more effective.


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