Five Memorable Times Danny Dyer Was An Absolute Diamond Fackin’ Geezer



Danny Dyer should be crowned the UK’s ultimate national treasure. He is the absolute don and if any of you think otherwise then you’re all a bunch of muppets.

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There’s no one else in this world who can play literally the same character in everything they do and still smash it. From ‘Human Traffic’ to ‘Eastenders’, his cheeky lad persona can’t help but bring a smile to your face and a fag to your lips (not to mention he’s the absolute king of Twitter).

In a respectful nod to the ruler of cockneys and hardmen everywhere, here’s five times Danny Dyer proved he was a proper lad:

1) The time he called the 9/11 attackers ‘slags’ on Twitter


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Forget the CIA coming after you or relentless airstrikes from the Bush administration. Danny Dyer calling you a bunch of slags has got to be one of the worst insults you could ever receive. I bet that one really hit them where it hurts.

To mark the 11 year anniversary of the infamous Twin Tower attacks, Dyer sent out the following tweet:

Can’t believe it’s been nearly 11 years since them slags smashed into the twin towers it still freaks my nut out to this day.

The post was deleted soon after but we’ll never forget the time Danny managed to fit ‘freaks my nut’ into a message about the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Nice one geezer.

2) His DJ set at the Rockfellas club in Corby

The narration is priceless. Also the fact that it’s a struggle to get him to focus both eyes on the camera.

3) This Coca Cola ad 

What did I tell you? He plays the same role in every bloody thing he does – even a Coca Cola advert. Danny Dyer might be the only person whose voice dropped before his balls did. Good on ya son.

Also, classic script writing there. “It tastes like… chicken.”

4) The iconic moment Danny found his new home 

Phil Mitchell and Mick Carter going head to head is something that needed to happen. Battle of the cockneys.

5) Our finest hour


Last but not least, the moment we got to interview the man himself (OK so not me personally, but a member of the Sick Chirpse team did, for reals). And he truly showed himself to be the gent and legend that he portrays himself on the screen. No lad is truer to himself that the shining example of human cells that is Danny Dyer. Nice one bruvva.

To read the full interview, click HERE.



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