This Crude ‘Rosie And Jim’ Voiceover Proves Why Danny Dyer Is The King Of Twitter

Danny Dyer

Top geezer.

Danny Dyer is pretty much the master of Twitter. Don’t believe me? Then check out his 15 best tweets of 2015.

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This week he decided to treat us all to a crude Cockney version of ‘Rosie and Jim’. Any of you 90s kids out there will have watched this ITV children’s show religiously, so hearing it in Danny Dyer form is bloody hilarious. Check it out:

Brilliant. And if that wasn’t enough, he threw in a little ‘Spiderman’ voiceover to boot:

I reckon Danny Dyer should start turning this into a TV show or something. It would make for the perfect baked viewing – just clip after clip of Danny Dyer reimagining all of our favourite kid’s shows and movies with swearing and funny banter.

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