Five Denver Nurses Suspended After Opening Body Bag To Admire Guy’s Penis

Some girls just can’t help themselves.

It’s often said that we have to show respect to the dead, but does that include when you want to admire how big their penis is? Surely that in itself is a sign of respect in some ways?

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All philosophical debates aside, it doesn’t seem like the nurses at Denver Health Medical Centre had any problems checking out the girth of one man who ended up in their morgue, after it was revealed that five of them were suspended for three weeks after they were caught in the act. Denver Health Medical Centre spokesman Josh Rasmussen said the following:

Multiple staff members viewed the victim while he was incapacitated, including after he was deceased.

The complainant, Risk Management for Denver Health, made a mandatory report and the nurses were subsequently suspended.

Denver Health Centre

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Not really sure what is worse there – looking at the guy’s dick whilst he was still alive and incapacitated so he actually felt a bit embarrassed about it, or doing it after the fact when he was dead. I suppose the first one really because it’s a bit crass – especially when it turns out the guy is actually dying and people are just ogling his junk – and after you’re dead, you’re not really going to care about that. In fact, it’s probably only going to elevate your already legendary status in the world. Probably a bit harsh on the nurses to be honest.

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