The Fish And Rice Cakes Guy Will Be On ‘First Dates Manchester’ Next Week

Surely someone is gonna fancy this guy?

Back before anyone had even heard of the phrase meme, the fish and rice cakes guy was one of the very first viral internet sensations, as people couldn’t believe his ridiculously dumb diet of eating fish and rice cakes every two hours so he could try and get massively hench. It’s an all time classic.

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Anyway, it’s 14 years later now and it seems as though Danny Andrews’ notoriety hasn’t helped him on his quest for true love as he is appearing on Channel 4’s ‘First Dates’ on January 26th and returning to the First Dates Restaurant the following week as well. Here’s how Channel 4 teased his appearance:

Proud barbershop owner 30-year-old Danny is confident at work but nervous when it comes to dating. Does the five pre-date pints and Jager-bomb at the bar calm him down, or will he end up jeopardising his date?

Spilling sauce on his lap and knocking his shot-glass over might suggest the latter. His date is Abbie, a 25-year-old cruise ship singer, who is single because she spends more time abroad than she does at home. Does Abbie meet the man she will be prepared to settle for?

Wow, that already sounds like a train wreck waiting to happen, even before Abbie finds out that he’s the fish and rice cakes guy. Probably gonna have to tune into this one, or I might just watch it right now as it’s already on 4OD. Why not?

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