First Dates Ireland Just Had One Of The Most Awkward Ends To A Date Ever

First DAtes

First Dates is one of those shows that’s probably going to be on literally forever because it pretty much writes itself and the content is pretty much absolute gold nine times out of ten for a variety of different reasons. You can always switch it on and be guaranteed to be entertained.

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It’s fairly unusual that something happens that’s legitimately awkward or jokes on the show though because it’s pretty much par for the course at this point, but last night’s episode of the Irish version of the show threw up a particularly awkward end to proceedings following Aidan and Siobhan’s date. In the clip below, you can see that Siobhan does pretty much everything she can possible to indicate that she’s completely not into Aidan’s ‘banter’ and so you wouldn’t blame him for thinking that she wasn’t into him and saying he didn’t want to see her again.

But then this happened:

Oh man that was awkward. Not really sure what kind of game Siobhan is playing because even if you’re playing hard to get you’ve probably gotta seem a little more interested than how she was at that point hey? Probably why she hasn’t got any dates and isn’t doing so well on the relationship scene I guess.

Kinda thought she was gonna cry when he said that he had said no though. Really surprising considering it looked like they had been on the worst date ever from the clip? Guess I’ll never understand women.

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