Terrifying Fish With ‘Human Face’ Spotted In A Lake In China (NSFL VIDEO)

Oh hell no.

A video uploaded onto Chinese social network Weibo earlier appears to have captured a fish in a lake in Kumming, China, that has the face of a human where its face of a fish should be. 

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It’s more than just a little bit unsettling:

Um yeah that’s frightening. I thought freaky fish like this only lived at the very bottom of the deepest depths of the ocean but this one is up on the surface showing its human face like its not the freakiest thing in the world. Is this what happens when men flush their jizz down the toilet? Is the alien fish uprising set to begin?

Many people are saying it looks like one of the creatures in in the game Seaman from Dreamcast:

Or politician Steven Mnuchin:

Or of course:

One thing’s for sure – when these things breed with the testicle-eating fish with the human teeth, it’s game over.


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