Here’s The First Trailer For Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars Last Jedi


Expectations have been high for the next instalment of the final Star Wars trilogy this Christmas ever since The Force Awakens absolutely smashed it two years ago and left fans begging for more after that cliffhanger.

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It’s been a long wait for any information on the new movie, but the first trailer for The Last Jedi finally dropped yesterday. I haven’t actually watched it because director Rian Johnson said that it would be way better not to if you don’t want to see a bunch of spoilers for it before you sit down at the cinema, but obviously a lot of you are going to be interested in this one so I couldn’t exactly not feature it on the site, could I?

Check it out below but seriously, beware of those spoilers:

Normally this is the part of the article where I write something about how good that looked and say something about my favourite part of it or something, but I can’t do that this time because I didn’t actually watch it. Fairly sure it’s going to live up to expectations and be a completely sick trailer though – hope it didn’t let you down.

For more Star Wars, check out these behind the scenes pictures from the original movie. Fascinating stuff.


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