The First Trailer To Jordan Peele’s Twilight Zone Remake Is Here And It Looks Creepy As Hell

Twilight Zone

Welcome to The Twilight Zone.

I might be showing my age here but The Twilight Zone was one of those old TV shows that looked kinda scary and had cool music, but I never actually watched and only experienced through The Tower Of Terror ride over in Florida.

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Nevertheless, it’s still got that iconic feel to it and I’m excited about a remake of it because Jordan Peele of Get Out fame is behind it and the trailer below has got more than an air of Black Mirror about it. I mean in fairness, Black Mirror probably took most of what it knows from The Twilight Zone so it’s OK for them to have the same vibe with the reboot, but at the same time I hope The Twilight Zone is enough of its own thing that it can stand on its own after a few episodes. Guess we’ll start to find out on April 1st.

Anyway, check out the trailer below and tell me that you don’t think this looks good:

Told ya. Not really sure how we’re gonna be able to watch it over here as it’s only on CBS All Access in America but I’m sure Netflix or Amazon Prime or someone will find a way and everything will be OK. Hell, even go old school and get a torrent or something – what’s stopping you?

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