The First Trailer For The 8th Saw Movie ‘Jigsaw’ Has Arrived


Play by the rules.

It’s been ten years since the final Saw movie – handily titled ‘Saw: The Final Chapter’ – but low budget franchises like that that make a killer amount of money are never going to stay gone for too long, so it was inevitable that the series would be rebooted eventually.

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That time is now and ‘Jigsaw’ is set to drop this year on October 27th, just in time for Halloween. We’ve known about its existence for a while now, but we finally got a trailer for it late last night. It turns out that there’s a copycat Jigsaw killer ten years after his apparent death and a bunch of devious and brutal new games that people are being forced to play in order to make them appreciate their lives.

Check it out below:

OK, so that probably could have been a trailer to any movie in the franchise’s history as it didn’t exactly expand or improve on the formula – aside possibly from being a vague whodunnit with this new Jigsaw killer involved – but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, is it?

Sure, the movies got progressively worse as we went along, but let’s hope that because this is a ‘reboot’ they’ve manage to pull it out of the bag. Not massively confident to be honest, but pretty sure I’m gonna end up seeing it anyway so I guess they’ve already won. So it goes.

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