This Is What The First Ever Text Message Said

Mobile phone text message or e-mail

Back in 92.

It seems absolutely insane to think that there was a time when text messaging didn’t exist because these days it’s probably the main way that most of us communicate. That along with Tinder.

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We had to wait until December 3rd 1992 for the first ever text message to be sent and the honour belongs to a guy called Neil Papworth who sent the first ever text message to his colleague Richard Jarvis at the Sema Group, which is now called Airwide Solutions.

You’d probably think that he might have put a bit of effort into test driving the technology that would literally change the way that the world worked, but no, the first ever text message was perhaps on of the most uninspiring messages that anyone has ever received. It simply read:


Merry Christmas

What a load of bullshit. No jokes, no text speak, no point to even sending the message pretty much. It didn’t even use many characters or punctuation. It wasn’t even that fucking close to Christmas. Neil Papworth, you have let history down right there pal.

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To make things even worse, Papworth didn’t even send it from a mobile phone, he sent it from his desktop computer. Jarvis was using a mobile though – it was a Orbitel 901 like the ones that Zack Morris and Patrick Bateman use AKA a brick. It sucked.

Everything about this story basically blows, but if it ever comes up in a pub quiz at least now you know. For a way more impressive first ever, check out Tony Hawk nailing the world’s first ever horizontal loop.


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