The First Reactions To ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’ Are Here And People Are Loving It


Whilst not exactly dominating the news cycle over the past few years, you can’t exactly deny that ‘The (now almost legendary) Snyder Cut’ has been talked about A LOT and we’re finally at the point where it’s only a few days away from release and the first reviews and reactions are dropping in.

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Kinda surprisingly, it seems like they’re overwhelmingly positive at this point. I think everyone probably knows the story by now of have Joss Whedon butchered the original cut of the movie, but I’m not sure if anyone was ready for how much of an improvement it sounds like ‘The Snyder Cut’ is going to be on it. Take a look at some of this below:

Wow. I probably wasn’t going to watch ‘The Snyder Cut’ originally – not even sure how you can get it over here and the four hour run time definitely puts me off, as well as never being a fan of the recent DC stuff either – but maybe I’ll have to now after reading all of that? I suppose there’s an international break after this week’s football so that will probably give me a good opportunity hey?

For more of the same, check out what Jared Leto’s Joker looks like in ‘The Snyder Cut’. Actually pretty badass.


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