Terrifying First-Person Video Of A Skier Plunging Into A Crevasse And Being Buried In Snow

Want to poop your pants? Watch this.

A skier’s head cam has captured the terrifying moment he fell into a mountain crevasse and got buried under the snow, which would have surely been the end of him if his buddy hadn’t been nearby to hear his cries and rescue him.

It’s just as well too, because his buddy is the one who seemingly triggered the small avalanche that sent him flying into the ravine:

(Jump to 1:50 if the video doesn’t automatically start there)

Jesus! I’m no skier and watching that has rattled me enough to ensure I probably won’t be changing my mind about a trip to the Alps anytime soon. The scariest part is that he didn’t even see it coming, all he could see was a small crack in the snow…

Next thing you know, he’s buried 9 feet beneath the surface… with a broken leg no less!

Good thing his adrenalin had probably skyrocketed otherwise that broken knee would have been a much bigger problem than it already was given his predicament. So fortunate to have come out of this relatively unscathed/alive. Imagine someone finding his frozen, dead body days/weeks later and having to watch the footage to realise what happened.

All’s well that ends well though, and although it’s probably quite rare for something like this to happen, it serves as a helpful reminder to be careful out on the slopes. Stay safe, everybody!

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