This Man Just Became The First Person Ever To Row Across The Pacific Ocean

This is a ridiculous achievement.

I’ve never tried it, but I imagine that getting out on water and rowing is probably pretty therapeutic. 209 days of it, non-stop, across an ocean, however, probably not so much.

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53 year old British man John Beeden has just finished his epic journey to become the first person to ever row single handedly across the Pacific Ocean. The nutcase has spent 209 days at sea, rowing for about 15 hours a day. Fuck that.

He set off from San Francisco on June 1st, and arrived in Cairns, Australia, on Boxing Day.


Speaking about his ridiculous trip, Beeden said:

I didn’t think I could go on and had to dig deep after getting pushed back hundreds of miles that you’ve already rowed and you have to row it all again.

There have been previous journeys rowed across the Pacific, nine in fact, but they were all broken up into sections, not done in one whack like John. The pussies.

John’s wife, Cheryl, said:

He’s an amazing guy, he’s different than a lot of other people — he’ll always fight to get the mile when he’s having a bad day… he’ll always be rowing.

Always knew he could do it, it just took a lot longer than we expected and just glad that he’s home and safe.

Fair play to the guy, that is some feat. The only thing that would have topped it all off would have been if he turned up in the back of this guy’s selfies.


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