Six-Year-Old Boy Gives An Answer So Dumb In School Maths Test That It’s Actually Genius

This kid is 100% going places.

A 6-year-old boy named Dash was asked a simple math question during class test this week, and his answer has gone viral because it’s so dumb/hilarious. But is it actually so dumb, that really it’s undercover genius?

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Here’s the question along with Dash’s answer, which his proud mum shared onto Reddit alongside the caption “This is why my kid is going places”:


I think it’s safe to say that Dash isn’t the cleverest kid in class, but on this evidence he’s definitely the one with the most potential. I mean talk about thinking out of the box and standing out with your answer.

You can guarantee every single other kid in that classroom showed their working out like a bunch of braindead sheep. Not Dash though — he wrote down what he was literally thinking and actually he was 100% right. Not to mention it’s always a good thing if you can make your teacher/ the whole Internet laugh.

So yeah, I agree with Dash’s mum — this kid’s going places. But if you think Dash is smart, check out this incredibly wise poem written by an 8th grade student.


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